Seems like the Cyrus family can’t catch a break lately. Miley Cyrus has been a staple in the celebrity tabloids this year and now her parents are making headlines.

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus have announced that they are officially breaking up, calling it quits after 20 years of marriage. They first filed for divorce two years ago, but decided to try and make things work. Looks like the reconciliation didn’t pan out.

This news comes after Miley sent her father a strange tweet last week: “@billyraycyrus since your text and email obviously aren’t working would you like to talk like this?”

Maybe her parents' tumultuous marriage is the reason Miley can’t decided whether or not she wants to marry Fiancé Liam Hemsworth.


Poor Miley, everything seems to be going wrong for her right now. We wish her family the best!