DO YOU SHAVE YOUR BUTT?: There is a TV commercial for hit show “Cougar Town” and in the commercial they ask, “Do you shave your butt?” So Greg T wants to know… do you?

CAUGHT THE BOUQUET: Greg T was recently at a wedding and someone caught the bouquet. Are you a single lady that caught the bouquet? How is life for you today?

THE NERVE TO BRING A BABY: Greg T recently heard a story about parents who brought an 8-month-old baby to a restaurant where the table cost $800!!! Where were you that made you say, “I can’t believe you brought your baby!!!”?

SAW THE SEX TAPE: Greg T has a friend with a sex tape and HIS WIFE DISCOVERED IT! She can never erase in her mind what she saw. How did you stumble upon the sex tape… what happened?

RETURN THAT DRESS: Greg T knows a girl who was in such a jam on NYE that she bought a $300 dollar dress and returned it after she wore it! Ladies, what did you buy, wear and return because you were DESPERATE SHOPPING?