April 21st



I was watching E! News and at the end of their show they do a segment called Love It, Buy It! Where they feature products like purses that are pretty expensive but then give anywhere from 30-75% off for their viewers!! There was a purse that was regularly $109 that you could now get for $32! HELLO!? That's awesome. They're constantly feature new items, jewelry, scarves, watches, dress and more! They post everything on their site and you can shop through the Love It, Buy It site! You don't even have to watch their show, just check their website!


Women like to feel safe when traveling alone or walking at night and some use pepper spray to stay safe but Damsel in Defense has a way better setup.  They equip women with everything they need to not only be safe but feel confident because they know they have a way out if they are ever threatened. There’s Hardcore Pepper Spray, it comes in a few colors and is pretty strong to use against an attacker. I’m really eyeing up the “Get A Grip” Stun Gun! (Stun guns are not legal in all states!) Damsel in Defense sells kits with various products. Check out everything they have, get them for yourself and every woman you know!