August 5th




Some people like to change their phone case with every outfit but that's a bit expensive...and excessive. With you can change it every month....for only $10! Each month Update Your Case will send you brand new unique snap on case. They are colorful and original! I know Coaster Boy Josh has been using one that looks like a cassette and I have one with pink elephants! Our listeners will get $5 off the first month of their subscription when entering with keyword code: ELVIS in the coupon section.





I can't tell you how many iPhone chargers and other wires I have completely wrecked by throwing them in my purse or backpack. The Power Curl Mini keeps your phone charger wrapped up nicely. Wrap your cord around the inner silicone spool and the pull down the cover to keep everything in place! The adapter part of the charger fits right into the spool and sticks into the wall! It's only $4.99 so order one in every color!