Man of the earth and avocado expert Jason Mraz brought along his amazing voice and low key vibe today during his visit to see us. The two-time Grammy Award winner admitted to taking things down a notch with his new album, Yes!, available on iTunes now. A collaboration with pop-rock all-girl band Raining Jane, Yes! is Jason's first acoustic album.

"This whole tour is about playing smaller venues, having a more intimate experience," Jason told us. "I've played the larger venues for the last few years. Been there. Done that. I want to bring it back down to where this whole thing began, which was in smaller venues. I feel like I can have a conversation in a smaller venue..."

Want to see Jason Mraz live? He just announced his "Five Boroughs Tour" kicking off September 17th in Brooklyn, NY!

Check out the interview and photos below.

Photos: Jason Mraz In-Studio