The buzz is out about a potential reboot of Ghost Busters! Now, that's a reBOOT, not a remake or a third continuation film.  After many attempts to bring a third film to the classic blockbusters, there hasn't been much luck.

Part of the quartet, Harold Ramis, passed away in February. Ivan Reitman, the original director, would not direct a third film.

But now, there have been potential rumors to bring back an all-female cast to reboot the films.  It would be a script and a plot starting from mainly scratch, according to an article in Entertainment Weekly.

Entertainment Weekly also brought up an interesting question...would you guys rather see a Bridesmaids cast reboot (Wiig, Rudolph, McCarthyand Byrne), or an SNL cast reboot (Wiig, Rudolph, Fey, and Poehler)?


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