2017 VIP Parade

America's Birthday Parade is returning to the streets of downtown St. Louis on Saturday July 1, 2017.  The parade begins at the redesigned Kiener Plaza at Broadway and Market Street at 9:30 A.M. on and proceeds straight down Market Street to the television broadcast area in front of the historic Union Station. 

Would you like to be a VIP at this year’s VP Parade? Celebrate America’s Birthday Parade with iHeartRadio/St. Louis. We invite you and your family to watch from our VIP section. This VIP area will be in view of the television cameras! You and your family could potentially be seen by 16 million people as this parade is televised on 70 different channels around the country! 

Watch the large character helium balloons, specially designed floats, the Clydesdales and so much more! Enter here to have your VIP seat reserved for this year’s VP parade!

The VIP review stand is located just outside Union Station.


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