St. Louis Haunted Houses

CreepyWorld - Fenton, MO - Creepyworld is America’s Biggest Haunted Screampark now with 13 haunted attractions in one location including two all-new haunted attractions Trick R Treat Haunted Hayride and Quarantine World War Zombie.  St Louis are you ready finally for an all new WORLD CLASS Haunted Hayride then Creepyworld is the spot for you... board the hayride and enter the deadliest neighborhood ever home to serial killers, slashers, demons, and worse.  Every home in this neighborhood wants you DEAD... Trick R Treat haunted hayride is filled with amazing special fx, animations and Hollywood set design. Opens on September 22nd. more here

The Darkness - St Louis, MO - The Darkness Haunted House is St Louis’ longest running haunted house is had now doubled in size.  The Darkness now features several all-new attractions including Zombie Laser Tag where you hunt, kill and eradicate real zombies.  The Darkness also features Silo-X haunted house where you are the prey of flesh eating zombies.  St Louis Escape is located next door now with four escape rooms including the Haunted Hotel, Cellar Escape, Subway and Mummy Escape.  St Louis Escape also features new party rooms and an amazing lobby. Opens on September 22nd. more here

There is an all new level of FEAR coming to St Louis Fall 2017 called The Abyss at the old haunted Lemp Brewery.  This will be the scariest new attraction in St Louis where victims must be prepared to face their mortality!  The Abyss is an EXTREME SCREAM haunted house, no fake monsters, no animations, simply you facing your fears HEAD ON!  Are you brave enough to walk down a set of stairs that spirals downward into THE ABYSS the darkest place on EARTH?  Are you ready to travel over a 100 feet underground in subterranean caves and tunnels? Are you ready to go into a place so dark, so deep underground that NO ONE CAN HEAR YOUR SCREAMS? more here

Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis - Eureka, MO - Fright Fest, presented by SNICKERS®, is back for select days September 29-October 31 at Six Flags St. Louis It's a spooky time of year as zombies and ghouls take over the park. Enjoy thrills and activities for the whole family throughout the day and come back for a truly frightening evening of fun after the sun goes down. Fright Fest offers a wide variety of places to get your scare on including several haunted houses and scare zones located throughout the park. The stuff of nightmares lurk around every corner as the dark of night washes over the park. The ghouls are set free for their daily hunting rituals. BEWARE! There is no place to hide! More here

The Cobb Factory in downtown Old Monroe. "Eli Cobb escaped from a passing train and has taken over the property murdering and dismembering people." Open every Friday and Saturday, beginning September 29th through October 27th from 7:45pm to the last soul is thru. More here

Raven's Curse Haunted House is Southern Illinois' newest and most technologically advanced haunted attraction.

Filling more than 11,000 square feet of space in Centralia, Illinois, our numerous live actors, Hollywood quality sets, terrifying animatronic characters, and state-of-the-art video effects are sure to leave you screaming!

That is, if you leave at all... more here

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