Kyle Stradtman From St. Louis Took on the American Ninja Warrior Course!

We're well into the season for American Ninja Warrior and St. Louis has been well represented! Kyle Stradtman, who is a trainer at Kor Komplex in St. Charles, took the course on last nights episode in Indianapolis!

Kyle is a friend of mine and he actually taught my intro class when I started ninja training!

Check out his Qualifying run below. 


Stay up-to-date with Kyle and his dog Blazzo on Instagram!


Huge shout out to Kyle for doing amazing on the course, and a big thank you for helping me get started in Ninja Warrior! 

I ran the course in Minneapolis, and that episode should air July 2nd....I think. Possibly the 9th, but I'll keep you updated!


You can watch American Ninja Warrior Monday nights on NBC.


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