Most Stolen Cars In 2017

Each year, The National Insurance Crime Bureau determine a ranking of the most stolen cars.  The 2017 winner is the 1998 Honda Civic, that was the most stolen car in 2017.  In terms of new cars, stolen in 2017, the 2017 Nissan Altima takes the honors for most stolen NEW car.  

Why is a car as old as a 1998 Honda Civic the most stolen car?  With new technology, it's much harder to steal cars with key FOBS.  It's a lot easier to steal cars that simply have a regular lock and regular starter system, not a push button.  I'm sure this trend of older model cars being stolen more often will continue.  

If you have an older model car, this may be a great excuse to get a new car.  However, in some cities, instances of car jackings are up because it's too difficult to steal cars, they have to jack already running cars.  It's a scary world. . . 



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