VIDEO: American Ninja Dog takes on Warped Wall!

Hazelwood Parks and Rec and Kor Komplex hosted a Ninja Warrior/Obstacle Course Race competition at Howdershell Park over the weekend.

Howdershell is home to a public Ninja Warrior course, which was used for the competition; Kor Komplex also provided additional obstacles.


After the competition, Kyle Stradtman and his dog Blazzo decided to have some fun by taking on the warped wall!


Blazzo is a true American Ninja Pup, but that's what you'd expect when he trains with the best! Kyle Stradtman is a ninja coach and dog walker from the St. Louis area, and competed on Season 10 of NBC's American Ninja Warrior.


You can find Kyle coaching at Kor Komplex with Blazzo by his side! 



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