Craziest Things Ever Done with the Stanley Cup

One of the Stanley Cup traditions is that the winning team gets to spend 100 days with the cup after the final game. Usually, it is passed around among players and members of the staff. So now that the Stanley Cup is on St. Louis soil, what are the members of the St. Louis Blues going to do with it?

In a 2011 article,The Bleacher Report shared 16 crazy things hockey players have done with the cup. Of course there are many that drink from it, but some of the players came up with some creative uses for the trophy. A few babies have been baptized in it, a few babies have used it as a toilet, a few pets have used it as a bowl, and one player even took it to the Hollywood sign. I hope our boys in Blue make the most of their well-deserved prize.

The question I’m left with, who is in charge of cleaning this thing?

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