Hot Takes: February 24th


An Ohio woman was arrested for calling 911 when her parents cut off her cell phone service, authorities said. An officer contacted the 36-year old and advised she call emergency services only for emergencies. Two hours later, she called again and "was belligerent and stated she believed it to be a legitimate issue.” Hot Take - Maybe her parents should’ve grounded her? Maybe a little time out?


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Hey Webster Groves...congratulations, you’ve been crowned the Safest City in Missiouri! released its annual list and the 5 safest cities are all in the St. Louis County area! Hot Take: We just moved to Imperial and the city didn’t even make the list! Time to move again!

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Zayn Malik, from one direction, got into a fight with youtube Star Jake Paul because Jake wanted to hangout and Zayn wasn’t feeling it. Hot take: youtube celebrities are the scum of this earth. If you like a YouTube star there’s a 99% that person sucks.

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A security guard is suing Cardi b for allegedly assaulting, striking, and spitting on her outside of a medical facility. Witnesses saw it differently saying the guard approached Cardi videotaping her and Cardi asked her to stop. Hot take: when you’re famous every week someone wants to sue you for your money. Don’t ever be famous.

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Sunday was a BIG day for STL sports. The St. Louis BattleHawks won their home opener vs the New York Guardians, BLUES beat the Minnesota Wild, and the Cardinals had a draw in their spring training game. Hot Take: The show me state is showing them how it's done! Say it loud i'm from the LOU and I’m proud!!!

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Queen Elizabeth banned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from using the word 'Royal' Hot Take: Let it go Queen and let them live their best life!

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