Explore St. Louis with Free Food, Drinks, and Coupons!

I'm so excited for this years Experience Booklet! My wife and I bought two last year, and they are so cool! It's like having a guide to STL, that gives you free things!! It's similar to a coupon book, but includes things like free drinks, coffee, appetizers, and so much more!

"Our city is full of hidden gems. Hole in the wall establishments. Nationally recognized landmarks. Small businesses that have made big headlines. We're a city of history and innovation, creativity and courage, opportunity and community. Our neighborhoods span across miles, different and diverse, yet full of beauty, flavor, and culture. No matter how long you've called Saint Louis home, there's always something new to experience or someplace familiar to rediscover. Here's your excuse to explore all that St. Louis has to offer.
It’s simple: this book is full of free items and coupons to some of our favorite places around our city. Valued over $600! All you have to do is, walk-in, show the booklet, have them sign it, and tell a friend."
-Experience Booklet

The 2020 booklet includes: Mission Taco, Bailey's Range, Pastaria, Coma Coffee, Knead Bakehouse, Budwesier Brewhouse, Arch Apparel, Climb So Ill, Hot Box Cookies, to name a few....there's a lot!

Checkout the full list here.

The booklet launches June 1st, but the sale begins on Monday!! Set a reminder, sign up for they're mailing list, and follow on Instagram to stay in the loop.

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