Is Microcheating Actually Cheating... ?

What is Microcheating?

It's a term for small things that come CLOSE to infidelity. Such as lying to your S/O about who you are hanging out with, flirting with a coworker, liking a bikini pic on IG.

Now- that last one REALLY got me. Why do so many people in relationships think it's okay to like half naked women on IG? If her boobs or as* are not like it. To me- this is microcheating.

If you want a strong relationship I feel like microcheating needs to be gone.

Is microcheating a reason to break up? absolutely not. But it does hurt the other person and if you honestly don't care about hurting your S/O why are dating them??

Not everyone agrees with me...obviously

For more on microcheating click here

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