St. Louis is one of the most stressed out cities in America

So we were sitting in the studio this morning tryin to figure out WHY THE HELL St. Louis is one of the most stressed cities in America...

The fireworks going off every night? Perhaps.

The terrible drivers that make MiKeith literally afraid to drive in STL? Maybe.

Or is the fact that we live off of Ted Drews and blues hockey? That's a pretty stressful life in itself.

Well I looked into it and apparently they account for Crime rates (which we were the 3rd highest), divorce rates, affordable housing, and average health of adults in the cities.

I blame our health on how good Ted Drews and Imos like, is this really our fault that we are so stressed??

Nah- lets get some custard. Click here for the article from Wallethub

*image obtained from getty images

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