St. Louis MLS Team Colors and Crest Have Been Revealed!

It's official! We finally have a name, colors, and a crest for our St. Louis MLS team! Sadly, they won't be taking the pitch until 2023, due to the league pushing back a few of the expansion teams. But this announcement definitely makes the wait a little bit easier.

We are officially St. Louis CITY SC and I'm hyped for it!

I have played soccer all my life, I'm a purist, and I'm a fan of the European style names. I really like "City" as the name, rather than a "United" or "FC" because it has a real connection to STL with our City vs County mindset. But instead of being a divisive, this name is all about unity!

I also love the colors! I've seen some hate towards the pink (even though it's described as a red), but it is so unique compared to other teams across the league.

Ready for some merch??

Be looking out for the CITY Swag Squad. They won't be hard to miss!

What are your thoughts on the name and colors? Let me know on Twitter and Instagram

Photo: Getty

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