St. Louis CITY SC Announced Purina as Their Jersey Sponsor

Although we still have a couple years to wait, it's impossible to not be excited! St. Louis CITY SC has been busy, and have been doing a great job keeping us entertained since the announcement of the team. And we got some huge news today: Purina will be the official (and inaugural) jersey sponsor for the team! This has to be the best sponsor announcement ever, because it includes dogs!

With this news, STL CITY's Swag Squad (wag squad?) is hitting the streets in THE Shag Wagon! My dog Margo and I were able to catch them earlier today and got a CITY bag, Purina X City Scarf, bandana, and treats!

You still have a chance to catch the Swag Squad around STL. The rest of the spots for today (Wednesday) are listed below! They have more stops planned, so follow their social pages for updates.