Good Ways to Reuse and Recycle Your Eclipse Glasses

Here we are, a couple days after the eclipse. We all spent way too much time or money trying to get our hands on the beloved glasses so we wouldn't go blind. But what do we do now?

 I just saw mine sitting on my counter before I came to the studio today, and I've got to text my wife before she throws them out! 

An organization called Astronomers Without Borders is collecting glasses to redistribute them to schools in Asia and South America for 2019! 


You could keep them to look at the sun as much as you so desire! 


Or you can tuck them away and keep them safe for the next eclipse in 2024! All your friends will be jealous that you've already got yours!


Whatever you do though, don't just throw them away! My suggestion is the first option, because we can always by more next time!

Jake B

Jake B

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