STUDY: You're Lyft/Uber Driver Doesn't Want to Talk to You

EVERY TIME I GET IN THE CAR! I always question if I should have an awkwardly silent ride...or try to have an awkward conversation. Obviously, there's times you jump in the Uber and have a super cool driver that instantly starts chatting it up. I love this, because it automatically sets the ton and typically makes for a good ride. 

However, it looks like most drivers don't really want to talk to you...

Another big question mark for me is riding shotgun or's typically awkward no mater if you choose the front or back seat. But now I know...and I will never call shotty again!

In a new study, talked with 500 Uber and Lyft drivers to find out what exactly will drop your rider rating!

Photo: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Some Findings:

  • Vomiting in the vehicle may be the worst, but spilling your food or sitting in the front seat isn’t much better...these all lead a 2-star or below rating
  • Drunk? You’re rating will average 2.5 stars, and that’s before you spill your heart to a stranger in the driver's seat
  • Ever wondered about appropriate small talk with your driver? Answer is silence as less than half of drivers found it desirable to talk with passengers- only 42%.
  • More than half of drivers have a genre of music they hope passengers avoid during a ride-and nearly 1 in 5 are hoping you don’t choose country
  • One Uber Driver from Georgia had this to say about a particularly bad passenger:
    • “One time, I took someone on a trip, and it turned out they had transacted a major drug deal. I had to give a statement to the police and give information on the person where I picked them up. It was a major hassle. I’m just glad I didn’t go to jail over it.”

See more here.

This is still the best driver in the entire world! 

Jake B

Jake B

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