One Week Until American Ninja Warrior!

We're getting close to the new season of American Ninja Warrior! If you don't know...I'm kind of a super fan; I watch the show all the time, and I train all the time! This year I was fortunate enough to compete on the show for my second season!

Last year, I ran the course in Minneapolis, and this year I ran in Oklahoma City. I can't reveal how it went....I don't want to spoil anything! Plus, I had to sign a bunch of fancy contracts and paper work to keep quiet.


The season premiers on NBC, next Wednesday (5/29), with the Los Angeles episode. I don't know the exact date...but Oklahoma City was filmed third, so I think the OKC episode will air mid June.

**I'll keep you updated**

Take a look at what to expect from the upcoming season below!


If you're already impatient for the upcoming season, don't worry! The All Star Special airs this Sunday night! Check out more about that on ANW Nation or click the photo below.

David Becker/NBC

If you're like podcasts, there's a Ninja Warrior podcasts you'll enjoy! They cover the show throughout the season, and everything Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Racing in the off season! They recently celebrated their 100K download with a "Best Moments" episode. I was also a guest on their podcast last season! Check out both episodes below.

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