St. Louis Australian Football Made It On TV!

If (somehow) you haven't heard me talk about it before...I'm obsessed with Aussie Rules Football! Every Friday, I wake up around 4am to watch games because who needs sleep?! And over the last year, I have started playing with a group here in St. Louis! The team has been growing quick and we've started playing matches regularly!

Shoutout to Malik from Show Me St. Louis and KSDK for stopping by for a training session to have a kick and feature the team! You can watch the segment below:

The team is ALWAYS looking for new people, even if this is your first time hearing about the sport! If you are interested in joining me at a training, or even stopping by to watch, DM me on Twitter or Instagram

This video will also give a good overview of the sport!

You can follow the team on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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