Biggest dating mistakes of 2018

Am I great at dating? HELL NO.

But hey! I've made enough mistakes to hopefully help out another lonely soul who lives alone in a one bedroom with a queen size bed and a cat - just me? 

RULE NUMBER ONE: Open up the convo in a creative way

like this....


*cough he never responded... 

Or like this....just pretend to be a dog.... when does this joke go too far? When our first date is the dog park? WHO KNOWS. I regret this move.

RULE NUMBER TWO: Always text when you are sober

oops my defense it was bottom mimosas and I wake up early.  

RULE NUMBER THREE: Play it cool and don't go overboard (even if you were mostly kidding)



Anyway- doesn't matter. Just don't do what I do and you will be totally fine in the dating world. I'll make these mistakes so you don't have to. I'm doing this for you. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Jordan and Kristie


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