The Dos and Donts Of Online Dating


  • No photos of you with big groups -We will automatically think you're the hideous one in the photo and swipe left.
  • No shots of you with your ex - Obviously. Not even of your sister because HELLO SHES HOT AND WE WILL ASSUME ITS AN EX. 
  • Don't be lazy about your profile - Put something nondouchey in your bio but not too long and desperate
  • Don't reveal too much too soon - Again- dont be too desperate. We like a mystery at first. 



  • Do use up-to-date photos of yourself – Otherwise, someone might think you're a catfish.
  • Do get straight to the point – Dont message me for two weeks back and forth SET UP A DATE.
  • Do move the date to in real life quickly – Chatting online only makes me feel like you are secretly married. 


Jordan and Kristie


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