Signs You're Dating The Wrong Person (OH NO!)

If you see any of these things you might wanna leave....

1. They don't share your values: This goes beyond politics and into basic human values. 

2. They are narcissistic: They love to hear themselves talk and rarely ask questions about your day. The conversation is focused on them. 

3. Pay attention to how they talk to their family: Do they put their cousins above you? kinda a dealbreaker. Mom and pop are totally acceptable but they also need to prioritize you as well! You matter just as much as family!

4.His/ Her friends are the worst: If you don't like his friends it might be time to go. The people you choose to surround yourself with reflect who you are and your values.

5. They need control: If they cannot relinquish control they do not trust you. You need someone who is willing to let you take lead sometimes. 

Jordan and Kristie


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