Why The "Spotlight Effect" On Social Media Is Killing You

The spotlight effect is killing you. Have you ever took 20 minutes to think of a clever fb post or edit a photo to perfection? I'm sure you have! We all have. 

The truth to it all is that NO ONE CARES AS MUCH AS YOU THINK. I know it's a sad idea. But honestly you put that spotlight on your social media and try to make it look great but in reality no one notices whether you got rid of that pimple or had a super clever caption. It's all just a fake layer we add to our stress. The spotlight effect is dangerous on your wellbeing because you put so much into something so shallow, such as a fb post. Why waste those 20 minutes making yourself look perfect when you could use those 20 minutes to call your mom? 

We all know the damaging effects of social media. This is an added layer of damage. 

Jordan and Kristie


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