10 Reasons Why St. Louis Is Actually The Best Place

1. Bars till 3am: Yes! For some amazing reason STL has a 3 am policy and that extra drinking hour really puts the city on blast. Sure, I'll do another shot at wheelhouse!  


2. The Desserts: Ted Drews frozen custard, Pie Oh My!, Clementines, Crown Candy Kitchen. Basically everyone in STL has a sweet tooth and a favorite place to snack at. 


3. Forest Park: Yes, I have gotten lost in Forest Park many times. It's HUGE. Also gorgeous and full of free museums. Plus we can Lime scooter through the park and stop at boathouse for a pitcher of margs! I mean...sunday funday to the max. 1,239 acres of skating, biking, jogging and being WAY BETTER than Central Park. 

forest park boathouse

4. Fall: Sure, fall is almost everywhere. But it's especially beautiful in STL. I mean...look! 

5. The Arch: I'm only sorry I forgot to put this as number one. The Gateway To The West!! Just paved the way for westward expansion nbd. 


6. Food: The Hill is a huge Italian place with amazing authentic food. BBQ is a staple in STL like pappy's or sugarfire bbq. If you want food- you got it. 


7. Museums: We don't consider these exclusive and for the privileged! We love the arts so much that we have a special property tax that subsidizes the metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District. Basically- most of our museums are free! We respect the arts and want everyone to experience them. 


8. The Gayborhood: We cannot forget about this! The Grove has rainbow flags everywhere and an amazing night scene. Not surprising this happens to be one of the trendiest places in STL because of it beauty and fun! 


9. Architecture: bricks! Brick work is so unique here and everywhere you look is an insta-worthy building. It's french-inspired and just breathtaking. I mean look at these.... 


10. Cost of living:  It's exceptionally cheap to live in St. Louis, and the place you live will be historic and old and gorgeous. Almost every building has history and brick walls that'll make you feel like you're back in the 1800s.

Jordan and Kristie


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