Over $140k Raised For Teacher Arrested For Punching Student, But Why?

This whole thing has confused me deeply. 

How does a teacher beating a student and sending that student to the hospital get support for the teacher??? He is getting SO MUCH support. 

Let me retrace the story. It started with this video


Then students came out and were more concerned for the teacher....

Apparently the student was acting out and shouting out racial slurs which is INSANELY DISRESPECTFUL.  The student even threw a basketball at the teachers stomach. Now I sympathize with the teacher because that seems like an extremely tough situation and that student seemed like a complete jacka** but do you hit a student?? Do you really escalate to the point of beating a student? Maybe even the one punch and then realize you went too far and walk away and leave the room? I just still don't think the teacher should have beat up a 14 year old. I know he was pushed far beyond his limits but as a teacher you need to recognize that student is still a 14 year old. 

I never see a reason for fighting a child. If the student was being terrible (Which he definitely seemed to be horrible) you could walk away and get the principal involved. Why is everyone defending this guy and donating money to a man who punched a 14 year old that hard and then didn't stop?!! HE DIDN'T EVEN WALK AWAY.

We might differ on opinions here and that's fine. I see the other side but I cannot support it.  I feel for teachers who have students like this but I don't see this as the solution. 

Jordan and Kristie


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