OPINION: Why I Refused To Watch The VS Fashion Show


Rihanna had a 9 month pregnant woman walking in her Fenty fashion show.

Aeries shows women of all sizes in their fashion show. 

Other shows are having beautiful models in wheelchairs! 

These are women we see every day. Women we can relate to and understand. These are women who work to help us celebrate our bodies without judgement. Women who has curves and imperfections.

But Victorias not so secret fashion show is still celebrating 6 foot 100 lbs models who dont eat anything besides celery for four days leading up to the show. 

To be honest I don't know what the VS models eat but here is what I do know...

They are on a strict diet. 

They are working out everyday.

They are under intense pressure to look a certain way.


When asked why they do not included transgender or plus sized models Ed Razek, Chief marketing director of VS, said, “Why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is.”


So diversity can't be allowed because diversity isn't a part of anyone's fantasy?? 

 Instead they focus models who even after all the makeup artists and lighting they STILL PHOTOSHOP THEIR PHOTOS 


VS hires women who do not represent their consumers at all. They hire the women that some old wealthy white dude fantasizes about. They hire women specifically to make us feel inadequate.  The worse we feel about ourselves the more likely we are to buy that product that supposedly will make us feel better. HEY! Bella Hadid wears VS so if I wear that I'll look just like her. It's the lingerie that makes them look amazing not the plastic surgery, starvation, and photoshop! 

So many lies being fed to us. Just check out all of these photoshop jobs.... 


Don't trust what you see form VS.

Don't trust what you see on instagram. 

And don't waste your time on things that will only bring you negative feelings. 

Unfollow anyone who posts these edited photoshopped photos. Don't let them make you think unnatural looks are natural. 

Imperfections are perfect. 

Jordan and Kristie


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