How To Quickly Get Over A Breakup: 4 Fast Ways

In the past year or so I've gone through 3 "breakups" so after some pretty sour attempts I figured out the best way to get over someone while also getting revenge on them (cause lets face it that matters)


Yeah. Get your life together and you'll get over that person. Here is how....

Make your friends your priority again. Schedule coffee dates, nights out, and fun friend dates that force you to get out of the house. Being with your friends is a great distraction from your misery but with one rule....DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR EX. Yeah- gotta cut it off. 

Dont talk to the ex or look at the ex. Love is a drug. Seriously. When you love someone you get a dopamine trigger which is stronger than most drugs because it's a chemical inside of our bodies and we don't realize that its happening. So basically we become addicted to a person. And anytime we text them, call them, creep on their insta and look at old picture we are releasing a small amount of dopamine inside of our bodies. So basically you gotta stop all contact and all creeping or else you'll never sober up. You can't keep hitting that drug. Unfollow their instagram, delete them from facebook and delete their number so you don't drunk dial them.

Get a hobby. Yeah it's called investing in yourself! Get a hobby that excites you. Something that distracts you. I tried piano. I might not be amazing at it but I'm getting pretty good and every time I played I didn't think about the ex. A hobby lets you escape your pain and allow you do something with yourself that will improve your own image of yourself. Lets face it- anything that makes you like yourself a little bit more is something to cherish. I started doing yoga and learning french after my first breakup. 

Travel. Even if you cannot afford a trip to Paris just think of a small vacation nearby! Nothing distracts me quite like traveling somewhere new. If you're on a budget go to a small town nearby and wonder through an old bookstore. Maybe snag a hotel and just relax by yourself ordering room service and swimming in a pool. Something new can be refreshing when you're stuck missing something old. Maybe even bring a close friend and get to know one each other a little better. 

After doing all of these you will have amazing friendships, a fresh new hobby, and more travels under your belt. Doing these things allows yourself to focus on yourself and no one else. 

Do you want him/her back? Try the 3-month rule! Have no contact for 3 months. ABSOLUTELY NONE. No social media creepin or texting them back. After three months of absolutely no contact you'll have a new perspective on the relationship and if you still want the ex back then you just allowed them to experience 3 months without you. If they missed you they will contact you. If they don't contact's time to try my other suggestions because is someone doesn't miss you they aren't worth your time. 

Jordan and Kristie


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