Things You Missed On Bird Box

Jordan and I have both watched Bird Box and pretty much discussed it the entire morning. lol here is what we know...

1. The bird box creatures do not have an actual figure. Jordan told me that the creators of the movie originally had a creature for us to see but every time it came on screen they laughed because they couldn't take it seriously. So they decided to not put a face to the creatures to make it more scary. Makes sense? yeah. The only face we can put to them is the drawings we saw from that one crazy dude who killed a bunch of people. It was a green man who looked kinda snakelike. 

2. (SPOILER) The blind sanctuary they ended up in was not a school for the blind in the book. It was a place where people ripped their own eyes out in order to not see the creatures. EW. The creators decided it was too disturbing to put in the movie. 

3. Sandra Bullock ran into a bunch of cameras while filming. COME ON! She was blindfolded for half of the filming lol and she kept running into cameras. 

*image from Netflix

Jordan and Kristie


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