Guy Loses 186 After Getting One Text From A Friend

I'm not positive that this is the right way to go about it. But this man, Diaz, was 405 pounds and his friends were concerned. One friend texted a group chat asking if he would ever consider getting surgery. That changed him. The text stuck with him because he was called out infront of his friends, he had never been called out quite like that. He said, “I remember when I saw the group text thinking, ‘Why is he asking me this? Why is he over there thinking about my weight?’” he said. “I’ve always known I had a weight problem and an eating problem, but it was something that seemed so hard to overcome a second time that I tried to just avoid it.”


Rough right? Well that friend later challenged him to either lose some weight or consider the procedure one year from that text. Surprisingly, it worked!



now- I'm not saying to call out your friends like that. That was harsh. Problematic in so many ways. But lets just take a moment to feel happy that this man put his mind to something and really accomplished it. I mean that is not an easy thing to do. Congrats Diaz! Pics from angel3dot0 on insta

Jordan and Kristie


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