REALLY GROSS photos of kristie's hand and how she broke her fingers!

How I broke my fingers is a simple story. A broken door. It was one of those doors that are thick like an exit door. I ran to the ER next door, took a bunch of X-rays, and had a ton of stitches. Two broken finger tips, lacerations, and a ton of nail bed damage. The surgeon said my nail will probably grow back....but it won't look the same. GROSS.

One of my nails and a bunch of skin fell off in the incident. the other one had to be taken off by the surgeon. yeah- painful process. also very gross. Here are pics from the first day.. (after the puppy pic cause i didnt wanna gross ebveryone out).

I tried to go to work the next day but I couldnt. too much pain. after some resting I ended up back in the ER for pain. more scans. sent home with Vicodin.

a week later (today) i went to a hand specialist and guess what?????????? gauze is litrally stuck in my finger. like in the wound. soaked iy. didnt come off. its gross. Pics below... (past the puppy one) WARNING: EVEN GROSSER THAN LAST PIC

So far the painful parts aren't over. mobing my hand requires a lot of work and my wrist is exhusted. typing suvks one handed so i hope you appreciate this. and the splint moves a lil bit whuch is very painful. as you see from the pic above its still open wounds so air hurts, moving hurts, and my middle finger tip I can no longer feel.

The gauze is stuck to my middle finger which makes it look like a scarecrow horror movie mask. terrifying. and im gonna have to soak my fingers and try to peel it off....even more terrifying bc that process hurts way more. like when the surgeon was cutting my nail off.

Im nervous about growing my nails back, its causing a ton of anxiety. I'm worried about being a freak with weird fingernails or none at all. I'm sick of not sleeping through the night and not being able to workout or cook healhy meals. I love cooking and yoga andI cant do either. I feel like a lard eating frozen foods and not working ojt.

but I didn't lose my fingers (yet) so tehres tahts positive side! thats my update sorry it sucks i'm writing with one hand and the other still hurts. sorry for ze typos! -kristie

Jordan and Kristie


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