Kristie's Australian Vacation, how she almost got bit by a shark!


When I landed in Australia I figured I'd try out everything once. Just once. So I had ten days and three friends to help me accomplish this. We went snorkeling on the great barrier reef, crashed in the Daintree rainforest, Hiked along Bondi Beach, and basically anything I thought could be fun.

I will say one weird thing about Australia is that they do their coffee ~very~ different. If you order almost anything on ice it comes with icecream in it. Weird right? An iced mocha has icecream in it, an iced coffee has icecream in it, almost everything. They like it sweet.

anyway- to the shark- when we got the boungalow in the rainforest the woman at the front desk told us not to swim and to stay ten feet away from the water because it was filled with Crocodiles and sharks. But...try everything...EVERYTHING...once. I was with my aussie friends and one was born and raised there so he gave the okay to swim. We went in and saw some stingrays, some jellyfish, and then suddenly a fin like two feet away from me. My friend Dee yelled, "ITS A SHARK!" So we both swim/ran outta the water and aussie Tom (the one born there) stayed back. He laughed and said the sharks mouth was too small to bite us....but I still don't believe him.


I also got to see the Sydney Opera House and it was gorgeous. Not as gorgeous up you gotta step away a bit to really get the full site. Upclose its really just a lot of walls.


Then I ended up at Blue Mountain which is called a world phenomenon because of the steep sloops and the way the light hits it. I watched the sunset across the mountains


THE BIGGEST THING EVER HAPPENED TOO! I held a Koala. Yup. My life goal was achieved and I got to hold a little chubby guy named Harvey. I'm in love.


Oh! I almost forgot- while staying in the rainforest we discovered sacred land called a "blue hole"

Basically its where the natives go to swim and it acts as a natural birth control. DO NOT swim in the water if you want to have a baby in the next few months, or if you want to respect the tribe.


But if you decide to go to Australia to swim with sharks, hold Koalas, and hike Bondi Beach- let me know! I'll tell you where I found the best icecream coffee.

Jordan and Kristie

Jordan and Kristie

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