Top Places to Meet Single Men in STL


The top places to meet single men in STL.... I was kinda surprised by this.

Here is the list and why I don't believe in them!

3.Try Volunteering!

I volunteer all the time and the only men I meet are over the age of 62. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.I met some lovely retired people working at the soup kitchen, foodbank, and community farms. They might give me great financial advice but I wouldn't date any of them. I'd have to eat dinner at 2 pm every day and I'm not ready for that.


2.Go to the gym

My gym just opened up and it is very trendy. OneLifeFitness at ballpark village but like it's too awkward to meet someone when I'm covered in sweat. Like how do you even flirt?


1.Let a friend set you up

I honestly don't think I trust my friends that much. Jordan would set me up with a guy who lives in his moms basement but "has a heart of gold."

Jordan and Kristie

Jordan and Kristie

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