Apps to help your long distance friendship!

Some useful apps to help your long distance friendships! I would know considering my best friend lives in Australia and we've been recently trying to reconnect more to keep in touch.

1. Tabletop Simulator

Virtual games are a great way to stay connected!

if you want a netflix date but you are far away it will let you watch netflix together at the same time, you can video chat and stream videos and play games together using this! highly recommend.


this app is so cute and lets you send postcards with photos from your phone to your friends! I love sending them to perk up anyones day with a cute postcard!

4.Happy Couple

A quiz app that helps strengthen your relationship and keeps the bond strong! Is it for couples? yes. BUT WE USE IT. Friendships are strong like relationships it's all good.


It's a countdown app that you can use to countdown until you guys get to see one another again! Cute and sweet and simple.

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