My Quarantine Morning Routine

Hey guys!

I know quarantine is hectic and crazy and stressful. I get a lot of emotional highs and lows lately but the one thing that I've found that helps out is keeping to a morning routine. When crafting your own morning routine it's important to remember to incorporate peaceful movements and things that will help calm the mind.

Ditch the snooze button

It's very important to wake up when the first alarm goes off. If you hit snooze you are already giving up for the day. Starting your day by procrastinating will only encourage that behavior. If this seems impossible ~trust me I know~ try by setting your first alarm to when you would wake up if you hit snooze three times, then drop it down to twice, then get the point! A little bit earlier every week. Once you wake up put the phone down and walk to the bathroom, DO NOT play on your phone.

Find a skincare routine

This is the first step to taking care of yourself! Once I hit the bathroom I brush my teeth, floss, use mouthwash and then get to work on my skincare. I use a clay mask to help with my pores, they are LARGE and in charge lol

Here is my skincare order...

1.Facewash: This is very personal. Everyone uses their own facewash style. I use generic ones because I haven't struggled with acne. If you do I would recommend asking your dermatologist. I hate recommending face wash because every skin is different with this one.

2.Toner: I use Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol free with rose petals. This is perfect because witch hazel helps prevent signs of aging, shrinks your pores, soothes your skin, and reduces inflammation. Click here if you want to check it out!

3.Oils: Apply the oils to your hands, rub your hands and then massage it into your face. I use a face roller when I put my oils on to help them soak. I use a Keihls personalized oil for my face to help with redness and irritation. I recommend using vitamin C serum on your face if you struggle with sunburn, discoloration, wrinkles, dryness, sagging, or uneven skintone.

4.Moisturizer: I use Clinque ultrasurge! It's extremely hydrating and I use the tiniest amount for it.

Meditation is important

If you're anxious often, especially right now during this uneasy time, I highly recommend trying mediation. If you're new to it try using an app to help, I use the app "smiling mind" to help ease myself into it. Just taking a few minutes to start your day by creating an open mind and peaceful space will pay off.

Stretch it out

I like to do a solid 20 minute yoga routine after I meditate. It's calming but also gets your body moving. It's important to connect with your mind and then your body, helps me feel calm in a time of uncertainty. If you haven't done yoga there are plenty of morning yoga routines on Youtube! Try this one if you want.


Or tea, I guess. I start up my french press and I like to enjoy the process slowly. For example, when I'm grinding my beans I like to smell them for a bit after I open the bag. If you enjoy coffee try enjoying every part of the process. Make something you like turn into something you enjoy doing.

It is a very simple morning routine when you look at it. Its about taking care of myself mentally and physically. I add a workout in there about 3-4 times a week, but nothing insane. I am not a body builder lol. If you do want a workout though you can click here to join my workout routine!

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