Rapists should NOT be released from prison due to COVID-19


Maybe this is old news for you since it started roughly a month ago, or maybe you're like me and just now realizing this. When I first heard that they were releasing prisoners I was under the impression it was "non-violent" prisoners. Apparently, some judges believe that sexual predators are non-violent and people are getting released. I'm in tears writing this thinking not only about my own personal experience but for others who have a predator behind bars and realizing they will now be on the streets.

Rape is the most violent thing you can do to someone. Rape is the most violating thing possible. When someone is raped they feel the pain in the moment but the difference with this crime is that it doesn't stop after the attack ends. It continues to hurt you for years. Releasing these prisoners is like telling every single victim of theirs that their pain doesn't matter, that their pain isn't real pain. It was violent. You weren't hurt.

Ridiculous. We did not just go through an entire #MeToo movement to be blatantly disregarded like this again. Most rapists are serial offenders, they will do it again. They will most likely attack again. They will destroy another persons life but here we are placing their value above the survivors ONCE AGAIN.

If you are reading this and still thinking, "they won't attack again." You are ~sadly~ very wrong. Just a few days ago an inmate, who was in prison for rape charges, was released and raped another woman in an alleyway. Why are placing their lives above the victims lives?! The article is here

Why are we sitting back and allowing our representatives to do this?! Is there not any other solution? I'm honestly open to suggestions but I am not open to the idea of letting predators back on the streets.

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