Hot Takes: October 13th


A New Jersey hypnotist was arrested after subjecting patients to illegal prostate exams, investigators said. According to reports, patients would visit Robert Bruckner for hypnotherapy sessions and he would perform the exams. 

HOT TAKE: He clearly has his finger on the pulse of the community!

Police in Vietnam have confiscated an estimated 345,000 used condoms which had been cleaned and resold as new, state media reported. The owner of the warehouse said they had received a "monthly input of used condoms from an unknown person," state newspaper reported.

HOT TAKE: Who’s having that much sex in a month??


Chris Brown made a late-night visit to Adele’s London home.

HOT TAKE: ADELE CANNOT BE A VOICE FOR FEMALE rights and also be friends with a known abuser, if Adele wants to be friends with Chris brown she’s losing me as a fan

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Cheating has gone into overdrive after COVID-19 started according to infidelity dating app Ashley Madison…with most people doing virtual emotional cheating

HOT TAKE: emotional cheating is way worse than. Physical cheating! I’d rather you sleep with someone then fall in love with him...

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Cardi B announced she’s dropping her first shoe collection with Reebox on November 13th. She dropped a limited amount of pairs on Reebox’s website, but they sold out in minutes. 

HOT TAKE: I like them. Make them for men too! Okkkkkkkk

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Shaq says No to “DWTS” In case you missed it, he says he won’t do it because everyone’s doing it.

Hot Take: Ok…… Who cares! Just make sure you vote for Nelly

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