Customer Gets Receipt Telling Cook To Spit In His Food

So, you're out to dinner with family and friends, enjoying some burgers and fries.  Tasty stuff, right?  Then, the bill comes.

Imagine the shock when you open the bill fold, pull out the bill and read the notes on the receipt, instructing the cook to SPIT IN YOUR FOOD?

That's exactly what happened here!  Curtis Mays was out to eat with his daughter and granddaughter when he got his bill and found this:


He ended up asking the server about it, who in turn just walked away!  So, he went to the manager who ended up giving him a full refund and fired the server!

However, some are now saying the server may have entered this comment on the receipt as an error, meaning to type in 'PLEASE SPLIT IN TWO' instead of 'SPIT IN FOOD'.  Oooppps!



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