Philly guys are using THIS app to cheat

In this viral TikTok from my page @NuggetOnAir I talk about the app the guys in Philly are using to cheat. The app is Snapchat, and before you start saying how not everyone is on it to cheat/send scandalous pictures, let me explain.

First off, this is obviously a generalization, I'm sure there are guys on snapchat who aren't using it to cheat. Like maybe 2 or 3 people in all of Philly. The reason it's shady for a guy in a relationship to use an app like snapchat as his main method of communication with people is that all your conversations/picture messages are designed to disappear. If you aren't hiding anything why not just use text messages, WhatsApp, etc?

If we are being honest with ourselves, the only reason to talk to people on an app that makes your convo's disappear is because you don't want evidence being left behind. For those who are skeptical let me ask you this: If you were dating someone who used "Incognito mode" on IG or FB messenger wouldn't that trigger some alarms?

More hot takes on dating an relationships on TikTok/Instagram: @NuggetOnAir

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