What Your Drink of Choice Says About You, According to Flaviar... and Me

With our Wine and Spirits in the Winter event coming up this Saturday, February 8th (get your tickets here), I decided to do "research" on what different types of drinks can say about a person. Some articles I found had me less than impressed. I was left saying "what??? Who came up with this nonsense" until I stumbled on a video from Flaviar. The narrator on the video made some good points but I, of course, have my own thoughts on these drinks and what they say about you. I won't tackle every drink they tackled, you can watch the video below for the full assessment.

This is all CLEARLY very scientific about your personality and not at all made up assumptions based off one preference in your life.

The video started with a quick quip about the well known drink and/or shot Lemon Drop.

  • Lemon Drop- Flaviar had one word to describe the person who chooses to drink the sugary concoction. TRAINWRECK. As this was my shot of choice in my early 20s when I would go out 3-4 times A WEEK.... I can confirm. Current me would like to give younger me a hug lol

Next up on the Flaviar list is a Martini.

  • Flaviar explained a Martini drinker as a classic. They're refined, suave, and sophisticated. Add some olive juice in there to let people know you're down to get dirty but not too dirty as you probably have an expensive outfit on. As a martini drinker myself and a dirty one at that- meaning I like my martini's dirty.. get your mind out of the gutter... I have to say I kind of disagree with this assessment. Sure MAYBE I could be considered suave and classic, but refined and sophisticated? That I am not. Also, if someone came up to me with the assumption that "I'm down to get dirty" just because of what I'm drinking...either my drink or my fist would probably end up in their face. I like a good ol dirty martini because I am a salty over sweet kinda gal and I like vodka. A dirty martini is low cal, salty and comes with a little snack. What else could you ask for!?

of course shaken... not stirred.

Now we go to a Long Island Ice Tea.

  • Flaviar kept it real short with this one. "Anyone who orders one of these just turned 21. NEXT." While I do think that's accurate that's not a personality trait per say. People who drink LIIT's are looking to get well...LIT. And on a budget at that. For how much alcohol goes into one of those bad boys, they really aren't too expensive usually. I would say people who order these are almost always cheap and naive. I say this from working in the service industry for 10+ years. So many people have ordered this drink, complained it's not strong enough and then leave stumblin' after their 2nd drink and a $12 tab. But hey, some people do genuinely enjoy the cocktail and although I can't relate, I respect it.

Next one we tackle is Whiskey, neat.

  • Flaviar says a person who drinks whiskey neat is a straight shooter, no bull kinda person. They don't mince words and they don't dabble in niceties. Sure, I could see this but let's dive deeper. As a whiskey drinker myself, I wouldn't classify myself as a "no bull" kinda gal. In fact, I'm one of the silliest gooses I know. Flaviar's definition just seems more geared toward that classic 1960's business man when really... I see more and more women loving them some whiskey. A whiskey drinker to me is someone who truly enjoys drinking. Not just to get messed up, but to taste and enjoy the flavors in a drink. I would say a whiskey person is more likely to be "bold" than other types of liquor drinkers just for the simple fact that they know what they like and don't need add-ins. The argument to that is people drink straight up vodka, tequila, etc which is true... but I think y'all are crazy lol

Next up, Vodka Soda.

  • Another short and to the point one from Flaviar. They say if you're drinking a Vodka Soda it means one thing... diet. I hate to agree with this... but I kinda do. I order the drink because I know it's a low cal choice, it's refreshing and not sweet. Sweet drinks don't get along with my stomach. But a "diet" once again, not a personality trait. On one hand, I would say someone whose go to drink is a vodka soda is someone who is conscientious about the choices they make in their life. They like to go out and have a good time but don't want to feel like they're undoing all their hard work at the gym with a night out. On the other hand, back in my prime I always drank vodka soda because it was cheap, did the job and I felt like it was "the healthy choice" when I wasn't actually too focused on my health then so it could go either way! Back then, I really related to Betty White in the interview below.

Last one i'll co-assess is the Margarita!

  • Flaviar says a margarita is the gateway drink to more robust tequila cocktails which I 100% agree with. I would've never graduate to tequila sodas had I not had my fair share of margs on the rocks. They also said a person who drinks a margarita "plays it safe." DISAGREE. I wouldn't classify ANYONE who chooses tequila as their drink of choice as someone who plays it safe. Have you ever shared a pitchers of margs with someone? One second you're fine, next you're all loosey goosey lol plus, a well-made margarita you can taste the tequila in it.. not overwhelmingly, but too much sweet and sour ruins the drink in my opinion. So what do I think about a person who drinks margaritas? They're fun, they're down to have a good time, but I wouldn't consider them a "lover of alcohol." They really want a "mixed drink" vibe. Unlike a vodka soda drinker, they aren't counting the calories so you could say a marg drinker tends to be carefree!

Ross was anything but carefree in this episode!!

So.... what does it say about you if you're like me and drink more than one of the above mentioned cocktails? It means you're probably a normal human being with a complex variety of personality traits and a type of alcohol doesn't really explain who you are :) It's just fun to relate to things whether it be your drink of choice, favorite food, what your styles says about you, etc.

Keep in mind your style and your drink of choice for our Wine and Spirits in the Winter event this Saturday so you can get all gussied up and gulp down your favorite wine, beer and spirits- ALL FOR CHARITY!

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