Woman Shares Her “Boyfriend List Of Rules”

When it comes to dating, we all have a “wish list” of what we’re looking for, and not looking for, in a partner. Some of them are just matters of taste, like blonde, brunette, or redhead. Other are personality traits like a wicked sense of humor or a love of a certain kind of music. Then, there are the people with a list of “rules” that must be followed in order for you to “qualify” for their time and affection. Those could be a simple and reasonable as having a job and being financially responsible…or they could give off a vibe of being overly controlling, and unbearably jealous and insecure.

With all that in mind, a Tiktoker going by the handle @thefreakshowcircus – yes really - has shared her “rules” with the world. They are:

  • Block anyone who you’ve ever had a romantic interaction with.
  • No following new women since the day we started dating.
  • No searching girls’ names in the handlebar.
  • No liking girls’ photos.
  • No story replying.
  • No more than one girl per scroll on the explore page.
  • If she posts more than one bikini pic in a row…unfollow (including stories).
  • No clicking on link tree.

Of course, some commenters say these rules are “icon behavior” and it’s “respectful.” Other say it reeks of insecurity and is controlling. However, if you’re a dude and know all of this going in, and agree to it, then at least you know what you’re in for. Just make sure you wear dark sunglasses when walking outside during bikini season.

Source: Tiktok/@TheFreakShowCircus

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