Answering Your DMs! How to Deal With Toxic Co-Workers

I love answering this question because I have dealt with my fair share of negative nelly’s especially in work environments. I have found that people tend to throw rocks at things that shine…so it is ESPECIALLY important not to dim your sparkle due to anyone else’s shortcomings!

The question I received was: How to deal with toxic coworkers while staying sane and not letting it get to you?

What I used to do is zip myself up into an imaginary cocoon when I’d go into work. I know it sounds silly but like I would PHYSICALLY zip myself into this when I parked my car in the garage.

This was a protective layer that kept any of their negative energy from getting into my spirit!

At the end of the day, when I got back in my car, I would unzip the cocoon and go about my day.

It sounds REALLY silly but it REALLY works!! No one can get to you without your permission once they realize they aren’t getting a rise out of you or your peace and they will eventually stop.

Of course, I must say, my colleagues are like family and have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and kind. That said, never forget you have your cocoon!

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