High School Students Launch "13 Reasons Why NOT"

The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has quickly established itself as the most controversial if not the most important TV series of 2017.  And while the show has it's share of advocates, a group of high school students in Michigan have launched a project to show their peers that there IS an alternative to suicide.


The project was started with the help of the Dean of Students.  Each day for 13 consecutive days, a student will share on the morning announcements some of the things that they're struggling with - many of which will mirror the problems faced by Hannah Baker in the Netflix series.  

The difference is that at the end of each "tape", the student will thank a classmate that helped them through it, instead of pinning blame on someone.

This comes on the heels of a lot of negative press on the Netflix series.  Among other criticisms, many feel that it justifies suicide as the only solution to high school bullying and problems.


The Dean who started "13 Reasons Why Not" believes the show accurately depicts a lot of the struggles of a typical high school student, but says "it was incredibly troubling to me that suicide was portrayed as being, almost, inevitable, like she had no other option". 

The school is participating the project in memory of one of their students who committed suicide 4 years ago.

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