Tight Pants Recap: American Ninja Warrior (Week 2)

If you don't know...I'm a big fan of Ninja Warrior, and I've actually been doing Ninja Warrior training lately to stay in shape! I've competed in a couple regional and local competitions, and maybe one day I'll try out for the show...we'll see!

This weeks episode was the Qualifying Round in San Antonio, TX


The hair that'll make you cry because it's so beautiful!


Favorite run of the night! This girl is so strong and my arms will never be as big as hers... 


JONATHON HORTON! The Olympian! His Olympic career came to an end because of a shoulder injury, and it was really cool seeing him competing on ANW!


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- Nicholas Coolridge (Modern Tarzan)

I don't know what the producers of the show have against this guy! He was recently invited to compete on the American Ninja Warriror: Allstars skills competition, where he did extremely well! He's one of the top competitors on Team Ninja Warrior, but somehow he still gets skipped over! 

Check out these videos to get familiar with him, because he's amazing!


Even though he was fast forwarded, he still hit the buzzer and is heading to the city finals. HOPEFULLY he doesn't get fast forwarded again! 

- Thomas Stillings (The Genie Ninja)

He had the 2nd fastest run of the night behind Daniel Gil, and has had a big season on Team Ninja Warrior. Look out for him in the city finals, and beyond!


He was also a guest on the Armchair Ninja Podcast for this years Season Premier episode! 



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