Tight Pants Ninja Competition at Shinobi Fitness

Big shout-out to Shinobi Fitness in Cottage Hills, IL for hosting a great competition! 

This was a 'point' competition which means you get to try every obstacle and you get points for completing each obstacle, but zero points if you fall. In some competitions, you're done when you fall, like the TV show American Ninja Warrior.

The competition took place on the 8th anniversary of my last heart surgery (Heart Day), which was a pretty cool way to celebrate! 

Click the arrow on the picture to see my Stage 1 run.


Despite some close calls, I was one of the few to fully complete Stage 1!

Stage 2 consisted of 10 obstacles and you can see my run below!

(Swipe/Click 'right')


Unfortunately my strength didn't carry over to Stage 2. Honestly, I got pretty worn out after the first obstacle, and after that it was pretty hard to complete anything else!

Back to training! I've got another competition on July 23rd at Kor Komplex!

If you ever want to join me for some ninja training, just hit me up on Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram: @djTightPants 

Let's get to it!

And s/o to my friend Kyle that got 1st and was the only person to complete all of Stage 1 and 2 


This is how it's done! 

Tight Pants

Tight Pants

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