Tight Pants Ninja Competition - KOR Komplex

You can usually find me at the ninja gym over the weekend hanging around and casually swinging on things, but this weekend it got serious! 

I competed in another competition, this time at KOR Komplex in St. Charles, MO.

The course and format was similar to how the show American Ninja Warrior runs their 'City Qualifying' and 'City Finals'

Stage 1 was made up of 6 obstacles, ending at the Warped Wall. Stage 2 was an extended version of Stage 1, starting with the original 6 obstacles + 4 more after the Warped Wall.

You can watch my Stage 1 run below!


Even though I didn't get up the warped wall in Stage 1, I did get through it in Stage 2. I ended up going out on the next obstacle, which was the Salmon Ladder. Only two people completed the full Salmon Ladder, but nobody completed the entire course!


Congrats to Jack Morgan who took 1st and was just a couple feet from finishing the entire course!

Check out the last half of his Stage 2 run below.


Video: Kyle 'Epic' Mendoza

If you ever want to join me for some ninja training, just hit me up on Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram: @djTightPants

Tight Pants

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