Tight Pants' Songs For The Weekend (8/18)

Well....things escalated quickly. Last weekend I featured 3 songs and this week I've got six, but it could've very easily been 10. 

Every Friday I'll be posting my Songs For The Weekend, which are songs I've got on my iHeartRadio playlist and will be on repeat all weekend long. And I'm not saying I know EVERYTHING....but they'll make a nice addition to your weekend playlist too!

Vindata + Skrillex + NSTASIA - Favor

Skrillex has been kind of quiet lately, which I think just means he's been hard at work, and now we're slowly getting the music to prove it! He recently dropped a song with Poo Bear called Would You Ever, and I can't wait to hear more from him soon!


NF - Green Lights 

NF has been my favorite rapper lately and he's on the verge of dropping a new album! He just premiered his new song with an intense music video, and continues to prove why he's one of my favorites.


SteLouse - Bones ft. Tilian 

I've seen so much about SteLouse online, and I'm upset that it's taken me until now to give him a listen. I get the hype, and I'll continue to hype him!


Phangs - I Think I'm in Love?

Not a question. I am in love with Phangs. This is the type of song I'd cruise around and listen to on repeat after falling for a girl that I barely even know. 


Justin Bieber and Bloodpop - Friends

I'm not much of a Belieber...but this song is great! And maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure its about Selena Gomez. Although, I honestly think every Bieber song is about Selena Gomez and vice versa.


Gavin James - Nervous (Mark McCabe Remix)

This song isn't new, but my wife and I have been listening to Gavin James nonstop the last couple of months. I wanted to include this in honor of the announcement that he'll be going on tour with Niall Horan!


Need some more tunes?! Click below for my songs from last weekend!

TP's Songs For The Weekend
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