Tight Pants' Songs For The Weekend (9/22)

Did you miss me? No, probably not...but then again why are you reading this?! Anyway...way behind on a playlist, and I missed last week, but it's here now! And the songs didn't spoil over time so that's good! 

If you don't know already, I've got a pretty diverse taste in music. This week/weekends playlist exemplifies that diversity so prepare yourself, keep and open mind, and enjoy!

TP Weekend

DJ Snake - A Different Way ft. Lauv

DJ Snake has been one of my favorite producers since he released TDFW. He’s always got his unique twists and his consistently releasing great music! You’ve probably heard Lauv before with his song I Like Me Better, and if not...you should get familiar!


Macklemore ft. Dave B & Travis Thompson - Corner Store

This is my favorite song from Macklemore's brand new album Gemini, that just dropped Friday. He recruited fellow Seattleites Dave B and Travis Thompson who I plan to look into more because I love everything about this track! If you haven't yet, check out the entire album. 


Walk The Moon - One Foot

Finally! We got some new Walk The Moon! It's been almost 3 years since their last album...which is basically forever! Fun story: I got into Walk The Moon because I thought my (now) wife was a big fan. Before we were dating, she gave me a ride and Anna Sun was playing in her car on a CD. So naturally, I bought the album and listened to it non-stop, became a fan because the music was great, and mainly because I thought she loved them. Turns out, it was a random burnt CD (that another dude probably gave her), and she didn't know anything else by WTM. But it all worked out! We're married and I'm still a Walk The Moon fan! 

BONUS: She likes this new song too.


San Holo - I Still See Your Face

I really don't know much about San Holo except the fact that he puts out amazing music! I know...I say stuff like that a lot; like "He's my favorite", "I love this artist", blah blah blah! But that's kinda the point of this...posting my favorite music! Now I'm rambling, so back to San Holo. If you've ever seen or heard me DJ before, you probably heard his Nelly Ride Wit Me remix, because I played it all the time! This is a little different, but thoroughly enjoyable!


Don Diablo - Don't Let Go ft. Holly Winter

In my last playlist I featured a song called Let Me Go...so sorry for the mixed signals. This is the first single off of Don Diablo's upcoming album, and I can't wait for the rest of it!


Need more? Check out my last playlist...which was a couple weeks ago, but the songs are still guaranteed fresh! 

TP Weekend
Tight Pants

Tight Pants

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